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  • 2.158. Installed Files and Directories
Installed Files and Directories
The following is a summary of files installed.
C:\Program Files\Softree\RoadEng
Version information
This file contains the release notes. It includes information about the hardware protection key, compatibility with previous versions, enhancements from previous versions and bug fixes. It is generally of interest to persons downloading from the internet.
Parameter Files
NORMAL.IOP - file import/export parameters - see terrain help
DLINES.PRM - cable logging configurations
PROJECTIONS.PRM - geodetic conversion parameters
Layout Files
The following 4 file types (SLT, MLT, ILT, DLT) contain configuration information specific to each module. This information can be changed to suite specific user hardware or requirements. During installation these files can be overwritten. In this case a backup copy of the original file is saved with extension .000, 001, ….This enables you to recover the original files before installation.
NORMAL.SLT - default survey layout file
BLOCK.SLT - other survey layout files
NORMAL.MLT - default map layout file
1000.MLT - other map layout files
NORMAL.ILT - default terrain layout file
CABLES.ILT - other terrain layout files
NORMAL.DLT - default location layout file
MULTI.DLT - other location layout files
These files contain parameters such as screen sizes, display labels, fonts etc. They are modified during program operation.
Libraries and Tables
These files contain user defined parameters:
NORMAL.TPL -default template library used in the location module
ENGLISH.TPL - english units templates
METRIC.TPL - metric units templates
NORMAL.LIN -default linetypes - this file can be modified to contain user defined linetypes
NORMAL.SYM - default symbols - this file can be modified to contain user defined symbols
NOTE: The files Sy1, Sy2, Li1 etc. are backup copies of symbols and linetype tables. They are created each time you install the system so that the user can recover the previous tables in case he accidentally installs over them. They are not used.
NORMAL.LYR - layer information from the Terrain module.
NORMAL.TRF - translation file for importing/exporting to Autocad DWG and DXF format.
NORMAL.ATR - attribute definitions
Grid Shift Files
NTV2_0.GSB - grid shift file for conversion between NAD27 and NAD83 using the National Transformation version 2 in Canada.
CONUS.LAS & CONUS.LOS - grid shift files for converting between NAD27 and NAD83 for the continental US.
C:\Program Files\Softree\RoadEng\Bin
The files in the ROADENG/BIN directory are used to execute the program. They are not of any specific interest to users however with the exception of the help files they must be present for the program to operate.  Softree does not install any DLL's in the Windows System folder, all required executables will be here in the BIN folder.
C:\Program Files\Softree\RoadEng\Data
This directory contains a sub-directory with samples in it (C:\ROADENG\DATA\SAMPLES). This is a convenient directory to place user project directories.
C:\Program Files\Softree\RoadEng\Tutorial
This directory contains the example files used in the tutorial manual.