File | Save As
Use the Save As command to rename and save a traverse or map document with another name. Save As preserves the last saved version of the file, and saves a copy under the name you give it.
You can also use this command to save the file into Softree ASCII Format, or as Autocad DXF format, so that it can be used with other programs such as spreadsheets.
To save a document under a new name:
1. Choose the Save As command.
A dialog box appears with a list of existing documents (this will depend on the window you have active e.g. traverse or map) displayed in the current path.
2. If necessary, change drives or paths to place the document in the location of your choice.
3. If necessary, change the extension in the Save As Type box to one of the other supported file types.
This causes the file to be saved in the selected file type so that the document can be read by other spreadsheet or CAD programs.
4. Type a name for the file in the File Name box.
5. Click Save.
The document is saved in the chosen format, name, drive and path. The new file name is displayed at the top of the window.
NOTE: All traverses contained in a map document must be in the same directory as the map document.