Map Documents
A Map Document is a collection of traverses and has the extension *.map.
When a Map Document is created or opened a Map Window is displayed. The Map Window allows you to display, manipulate and output single or multiple traverses in plan view.
A map has its own unique name (if the map contains a single traverse then it is often convenient to use the same name as the traverse) and contains a list of traverse names which are included in the map. Note the traverse data is not contained in the map, only the names of the traverse files. It is possible to include the same traverse in several maps. If changes are made to the traverse notes, those changes will also be applied to any maps which contain the traverse.
NOTE: All traverses contained in a map document must be in the same directory as the map document.
NOTE: If a traverse is removed from a map document it is not deleted.
It is possible to open several Map Windows and Traverse Windows at the same time. See Multiple Document Interface for more information.