GPS Connect dialog
Choosing the GPS | Open Port menu will open a GPS device. It will begin by searching for all GPS devices connected to your computer. If no GPS is found or if you press the Cancel button, this dialog will appear. Ensure the GPS is properly connected and powered on before activating this option.
This option will be disabled if the GPS device is already open.
The following protocols are supported:
NMEA Serial - This format is supported by most mapping grade GPS devices. Connection can be done with a serial cable or through a Blue Tooth connection. Connection options such as Baud Rate, Parity, Stop Bits, and Handshaking should be set according to the GPS manufacturers documentation for connection options and settings.
Garmin USB - This is a Garmin proprietary format. See Garmin documentation for information on setting up this interface.
Windows Location Services - This format is provided though a generic Microsoft Windows interface. Consult your GPS documentation or the Windows 10 help for more information.
Lists available ports and sources.
Baud Rate (Serial mode only):
Enter the baud rate for communication with a serial port.
This option will search for available GPS devices.
The Test button opens the GPS device and displays all data that is sent from the external device in the Test dialog.