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  • 2.87. Multi-Plot CAD Options
Multi-Plot CAD Options
This dialog box is accessed through Export DWG/DXF/DGN Options in either Location or Terrain modules.
It controls how the CAD drawing files are created when exporting Multi-Plot.
Export paper units
millimeters (radio button)
inches (radio button)
Although the drawings are created in model space, there is no well defined scale for a Multi-Plot document. For this reason, units are relative to the paper size used. For example, if you choose "B size" and "inches" each page will be 11 units by 17 units.
Multiple pages
These items are only available for Multi-Plots exported from the Location module.
All pages in one file (check box)
Set this check box to create a single CAD document containing all pages.
Clear this check box to create multiple CAD document files, one for each page.
Add page offsets (check box)
Set this check box to add offsets to each page so they do not lie on top of each other. This is required if using All pages in one file.
Clear this check box to create all pages in the same model space rectangle.