Location Attributes Dialog
This dialog is one of the tabs in the Location - Setup dialog. It allows you to view and create new attributes. Attributes are used for reporting in various windows including Data/Section Windows, and Plan/Profile Labels.
Add (button)
Create a new User Defined Attribute and open the Location Attribute Properties dialog.
Modify (button)
This option allows you to modify fields in an attribute using the Location Attribute Properties dialog. It is not available for Template Codes, Template Parameters and Volumes Optihaul^. To change these attributes in these categories it is necessary to create a User Defined Attribute .
Delete (button)
Delete an attribute. It is only available for User Defined Attributes.
Open (button)
Open an attribute definition file. This will overwrite or delete any User Defined Attributes in the current table.
Save (button)
Save User Defined Attributes to a file. Normal.atb is opened by all new Location designs.
Reset All (button)
Restore the default Heading and Description for all pre-defined attributes.
Attribute Properties
Short name of variable used in function definitions.
Name of variable used in report headings.
Variable description.
Variable units. Note some variables have no units.
"At Station" if a value applies at a station. "Between Station" if a value applies between stations (e.g. Volumes).
If yes, totals will be tracked and reported for this variable. 
Yes, for numberic variables and No, for alphanumeric values.  
Point Type
One of:
    design point
    design point (current section only)
    VIP point
    HIP point
Function Use
Determines if a variable can be used in functions. One of:
    allow in functions
    not useable in functions.
User defined attributes only.
An expression consisting of other attributes and constants. Use the Add or Modify buttons to open Location Attribute Properties to define the Function and other properties.