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  • 2.77. Component Connection Dialog
Component Connection dialog
The Component Connection dialog allows you to control the attachment point and side of a component. This dialog is accessible from the Component Properties dialog.
The component can  be connected to either the Centerline (horizontal and vertical alignment attachment point) or to the Outside (furtherest point from Centerline either left or right) or to a Point Code.
Offset X and Offset Y
Horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) offsets can be entered to shift the attachment point.  These offsets can also be Parameters.
Match Orientation - Selected
  The component will be attached on the same side as its Orientation (left or right).  If the orientation is flipped the component will attach to the other side. If the component is 2 sided (orientation = both) this option will be disabled.
Match Orientation - Not Selected
The component can be attached on either left or right. 
If Point Code is selected only point codes from the same side are considered. Point codes on the left end with a L, point codes on the right end with a R.
If Outside is selected only point codes from the same side are considered.
Some components may not be moveable. This may happen if the component has no fragments that are attached to Component attachment point".  This is generally the sign of a poorly constructed component. If you are making your own components it is always a good idea to attach fragments to the component attachment point (not something outside the component like the center-line). If this is an older Softree component check the E-library for a more recent component.