Drive Through/Fly By
This dialog allows users to control the drive through sequence.
Pushing Play button starts the driving, while Pause button pauses it. The frames are either rendered at every 0.5 m, if metric system is used, or at every 1.5 ft if Imperial units are in use. In pause mode, skip (</>) and fast skip (<</>>) advance the current view back and forth the road by one frame and by five frames respectively. Users can use the slider control in order to navigate to a specific location along the feature. Alternatively, if the position is known it can be entered in the distance edit box.
This edit box indicates the current station position along the drive through feature. It is posibile to explicitly set this station.
Indicates the elapsed time since the Play button was pressed.
Indicates the distance travelled along the drive through feature since the Play button was pressed.
Average Speed
Indicates the average speed since the Play button was pressed.
Frame Sample Spacing
Is the distance between frames. This value can be changed in Options
Playback Rate
Allows you to control the speeed of the drive through.
Playback speed can be controlled by pressing the up/down arrows of the playback rate control. By default this rate is set to 1. Increasing/decreasing the playback rate will result in acceleration/deccelartion, and will affect the current driving speed.
Pushing the Play button begins the Fly Through.
Advance forward (or backward) 1 frame.
Advance forward (or backward) 5 frames.
Play Position Slider
Indicates the relative position along the drive through feature.
The Reverse button changes the viewing direction along the drive through feature.
Pressing Properties button opens up the dialog where users can the sample spacing, height of viewer, and target distance, height and width.Drive Through Options topic.