User guide
Project Units, Scales, and Coordinates
Support is provided for both metric and imperial (feet) units. When you install the system you will be prompted to enter the project units. While you are using the system, the length measurements are always referred to as project units unless otherwise noted. Similarly areas and volumes are referred to as square project units and cubic project units. In some cases areas are reported in hectares (or acres), and volumes can be reported in cubic yards for imperial units. Consult the appropriate section of this documentation for more information about area and volume units.
Changing the project units after installation can be accomplished in the Module - Setup menu (or by changing the registry entries).
NOTE: Existing project values are not converted when switching between imperial and metric project units. To change units for a traverse see Distance Conversion dialog in the Survey/Map module.
All the Softree modules work with natural scales eg. 1:20000 (1 displayed unit = 20000 actual units). If you work with mixed scales e.g.. 1 inch = 100 feet, you must convert this to a natural scale e.g. 1:1200.
All modules work with Cartesian coordinates such as UTM.  Use the Projection Transformation dialog to specify what coordinate system your coordinates are in.  If you are not working in a known coordinate system like UTM or State Plane, then the current coordinate system should be set to Undefined. See Coordinate Transformations for more information.