User guide
Re-Cost: Calculate Costs and Haul
This dialog is used to calculate the cost of an alignment. It also allows you to define additional pointsOptimizer/Cost report points used in the cost calculation.
It is accessed from the Alignment Panel using the Re-Cost button.
Additional Sampling
Spacing (Edit Box)
Cost calculation uses all Report Points. This edit box allows you to include additional points. If this edit box is left blank no additional points will be added.
Note: any additional points will be used in RoadEng/Softree Optimal volume calculations.
Note: any modification to the set of points makes all the optimized alignment costs out of date.
Search for good spacing (for accurate re-cost ) (Check Box)
Check to choose to do an accurate cost calculation. If successful, a suggested spacing will be proposed to the user.
Auto - re-cost automatically after manual design changes (Check Box)
Check to turn on the interactive cost calculation mode. Any modification to the current design will trigger a recalculation.
Calculate all vertical alignments
Cost all the vertical alignments. Not available when Search for a good spacing is checked.