User guide
Auto-Generate dialog
This option allows you to automatically generate or remove reporting, plan or profile points from your design. It is accessed from the Edit - Auto Generate menu. See also Edit - Delete Range for point removal.
Fixed Intervals
Select this Check Box and fill in the Spacing field to generate points at fixed intervals.
The way the Spacing value is used depends on whether you have selected L-Line Stn or P-Line Reference in the Station range area below.
Survey Stations
To generate points at surveyed (P-line) stations.
Assignment Intervals
When templates, fill material, site preparation and sub-horizons are assigned reporting points are automatically created just before and after the interval boundaries. By checking this option these points are automatically re-created.
Remove Existing Points
Select this Check Box to remove existing points; this can be used to delete all, or a portion of, your design. See also Edit - Delete Range for point removal.
Station Range
Define the range where points will be generated (and/or deleted).  You may use L-Line or P-Line station values. Note that only Plan points (see Point types below) may be generated outside the existing alignment and only if there is a P-Line.
Point Types
Select the point type you want to generate (or delete).
Plan points may only be automatically generated along a P-Line traverse; this option is disabled if there is no P-Line defined. If you wish to generate Plan points along the P-Line outside the existing alignment, use the P-Line station range to define the range. It is also possible to delete existing horizontal alignment and replace it with Plan points on the P-Line by checking both "Survey Stations" and "Remove Existing Points".