Softree Optimal for Civil 3D

Optimize Civil 3D Corridor Designs

Softree Optimal mathematically determines the lowest cost vertical alignment of a road or corridor based on user-defined design parameters, constraints, and costs.

Softree Optimal for Civil 3D is a powerful tool that gives AutoDesk Civil 3D users the ability to minimize earthwork costs for road and corridor designs created in the Civil 3D environment. It also helps to reduce iteration within Civil 3D.

Softree Optimal for Civil 3D provides users with quantitative costing data to back design decisions. It can help to determine if a project is feasible and within budget before getting to detailed design.

Deliver the best, lowest cost design. Every time.

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Key Benefits

  • Save engineering time

    Automate the design of your vertical alignment. Acheives a truly optimal solution, often in a matter of minutes.

  • Quickly compare design variables

    Small changes in design can produce huge differences in cost. Quickly manipulate your design constraints and compare your options - faster than ever imagined with Civil 3D.

  • Minimize earthwork costs

    Save money. Solves the complex 3D problem of minimizing excavation, embankment and haulage, given user-defined constraints.

  • Costs as you design

    Manipulate your alignment or design constraints and see the associated cost difference in real-time.

  • Compatible

    Independent of design software. Optimize an alignment created in any program. Export easily from Civil 3D with a built-in interface.

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