Bitmap Features

Bitmaps may be included in a Terrain File using menu File - Insert File. JPG, BMP and TIF formats are supported.

The properties such as location, pixel size, rotation etc. of the bitmap can be set in the Import Bitmap Options Dialog.

To select a bitmap click on its border. When a bitmap is selected, its border will be displayed in magenta.


1) The Terrain module supports large sized bitmaps (greater than 100Mb is ok) and has been optimized to provide high speed panning and zooming when working with very large image files.

2) When a bitmap is imported a link to the file path of the bitmap file (*.bmp or *.jpg) is included in the Terrain. If the bitmap file is moved or deleted this link will become invalid. In this case you will be prompted for the location of the image file.

3) For TIF images only, if georeference information is included with the file (for example USGS DRG) this information is read in and used to position the image.

4) File compression is not supported with TIF.